Level 1 Equality & Diversity

This course introduces participants to the principles of Equality and Diversity and their importance in organisations such as the workplace and learning environments. It provides an understanding of the legal and moral obligations of an employee to recognise the best practices. Participants will gain knowledge of current legislation which makes the law more consistent, clearer and easier to follow in order to make society fairer.

* Equality and diversity at work 

* Key anti-discrimination legislation 

* The impact of discrimination on individuals and the community 

* Their legal rights and responsibilities 

* The benefits a diverse workforce can bring to healthcare organisations.

Assessments & Certificates

The assessment is a test questionnaire where the required mark is 75%, with three chances to pass.

Accredited Electronic Certificates (e-Certificates) are sent by email to all attendees who have completed and passed the course.

How is this course delivered?

We deliver this course either online via zoom call, or in-person (face to face) at your business premises.

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