This course will enable participants to prepare food safely and maintain correct food hygiene practices at home and work. Here's what you will learn:


* Describe the legal requirement concerning food hygiene and safety 

* Explain the results of poor food hygiene practices at work and home 

* Recognise the causes of food poisoning 

* Recognise food poisoning symptoms 

* Understand the importance of good personal hygiene 

* Understand the importance of correct food handling and preparation at work.


How is this course delivered?

We discuss your organisation's needs via email, phone call or video call, and we agree on the best method to use for your clients, either online via zoom call or at your business premises.

For training held online via Zoom video, an invite is sent to all registrants in advance of starting the course.


The assessment is a test questionnaire where the required mark is 75%, with three chances to pass.

Accredited Electronic Certificates (e-Certificates) are sent by email to all attendees who have completed and passed the course.