Safety Bundle C

This training course provides an in-depth understanding of health and safety for the workplace and will develop participants knowledge and skills in key areas such as - legislation, best practice and safety measures, Health and Safety, and Fire Safety. On completion, participants will have the knowledge and practical skills to deal with emergencies, assess potential hazards and control risks to ensure their safety.

Safety Bundle C
Two Individually Certificated Health and Safety courses completed in one full-day session. 2 Course Bundle - Health and Safety & Fire Safety.

Health & Safety
* State the legal obligations of themselves and their employers with regard to health and safety 
* Recognise a range of hazards in their working environment 
* Recognise a range of harms that could be caused by hazards in their working environment 
* Explain the importance of following hazard controls that have been put in place.

Fire Safety

* List the obligations and that of employers with regard to fire safety 

* Describe actions to be taken in the event of a fire occurring at work 

* Identify the correct fire extinguisher for use on a range of different fires 

* Describe how fires occur and spread 

* Describe how they can reduce the risk of fire occurring. 

* Understand how they may reduce the threat of fire in their homes 

How is this course delivered?

We discuss your organisation's needs via email, phone call or video call, and we agree on the best method to use for your clients, either online via zoom call or at your business premises.

For training held online via Zoom video, an invite is sent to all registrants in advance of starting the course.


The assessment is a test questionnaire where the required mark is 75%, with three chances to pass.

Accredited Electronic Certificates (e-Certificates) are sent by email to all attendees who have completed and passed the course.