Level 1 Infection Control

Infection control is essential for businesses where employee work activities could put them at risk of passing on or contracting an infection. This includes anyone that works in a healthcare environment, has close contact with people or animals, or cleaning human and animal waste. Infections are easily passed on, but also easy to avoid if everyone on the premises takes proper preventative action.

This infection control course enables participants to gain an understanding of the sources of microorganisms, and how infectious bacteria transfer between hosts. Participants will understand the process of preventing infections from spreading including proper handwashing procedures, wound dressing, cleaning activities, and waste disposal.

* State the obligations and that of employers with regard to infection control. 

* Understand the consequences of poor infection control practice. 

* State the actions to be taken in relation to the infection control requirements put in place within their working environment. 

* Identify the correct actions with regard to a range of different infection control situations.

How is this course delivered?

We discuss your organisation's needs via email, phone call or video call, and we agree on the best method to use for your clients, either online via zoom call or at your business premises.

For training held online via Zoom video, an invite is sent to all registrants in advance of starting the course.


The assessment is a test questionnaire where the required mark is 75%, with three chances to pass.

Accredited Electronic Certificates (e-Certificates) are sent by email to all attendees who have completed and passed the course.